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Class Scheduling

Simplified Class Scheduling

Schedule your classes online, you can use a recurring schedule or set individual dates. Allow your users to register and pay online or use an alternative registration method such as paying cash on arrival or via an allowed membership. Preview the users who are attending a class and get notified when new users join. Class scheduling made simple!

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Class payments

A range of payment options

Allow users to pay for classes online via Stripe and a credit card - alternatively, you accept payments for classes via direct debit and enjoy lower fees with GoCardless. Want to allow users to pay cash on arrival? No problem, just enable on arrival payments! Truly flexible class payments.

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Awesome venue management

Create your venues on ClubAdminPro and assign classes so members know where the class is taking place. Control venue visibility when privacy is required - such as only showing venue details to current club members or users that have joined the class. Easily manage all your venues in one place and make updates at a click of a button.

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Club members

Member management

Customise online registrations, assign team members and enjoy instant searchable access, whenever you need it.

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Schedule classes, events & courses. Your members can join and pay online while you have a complete view of who is attending what.

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Recurring payments, class payments and offline payment tracking. We got you covered.

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Create and send emails to every member in your club at once, or a few, or a segment of your choice. Emailing as easy as it gets.

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Mark class attendance online and have a complete overview of all attendance history for any class. Our platform allows you to do this at a click of a button.

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Member dashboards

Once your create your club. Your members can register and manage their club information, payments & classes directly through their dashboard. Allowing you to focus on whats important.

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Linked accounts

Parents & guardians can manage multiple members under one account and get notified with important information regarding any account they manage.

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Industry grade security

ClubAdminPro was built from the ground up to be secure. Implementing industry leading security measures and practices, you can have peace of mind knowing your details are safe.

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