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ClubAdminPro is an all-in-one club management platform

Super simple member management

Allow members to register to your club online and enjoy instant searchable access whenever you need it.

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Automated payments

No more chasing payments. Relax. Get a coffee. Save time and money. Collect recurring membership fees, term time fees or one time membership fees.

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  • Practice fees
    £25 / month
  • Term fees
    Installments beginning on Nov 5.
  • New joiner fee
    £10 / one time

Class bookings

Create your classes online. Take bookings. Accept online or cash payments. Get notified when users join classes. Easily view the users joining a class. Simplify your class management.

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ClubAdminPro is a game changer!

Managing our club has never been easier. Our members can manage everything they need from within their dashboard and we no longer need to manage that ourselves. It's a big weight off our shoulders.

Amber - RTT Cheerleading

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Packed with features to help you succeed

Online Registrations

Allow your members to register online. Customise your registration form. Get notified when users register.

Classes & registers

Create your classes and registers. Give team members access certain classes or registers. Optionally enable class drop-ins.

Member dashboards

Once your create your club. Your members can register and manage their club information, payments & classes directly through their dashboard.

Customer accounts

Separated accounts for each of your customers. Allow parents to manage and link child accounts. Easily view connected accounts.

Memberships & subscriptions

Automate payments. Create recurring, installment or one time membership plans. Maintain a complete history of all member payments and memberships.


Use our built-in email functionality to send emails to your club members. Whether you want to email the whole club or a selected group. Just write and send. It's as simple as that.

Online and offline payments

Multiple payment method can be used and recorded. You can take payment by card, direct debit or cash.

Member notifications

Automated notifications for your members about important events such as new payments or joined class summaries.

Online booking

Let your customer book online. Manage their booked sessions. Browse the club calendar. Pay online or on arrival. All through their dashboard.

Custom Forms

Create unlimited custom forms. Collect signatures for digital waivers. Store completed documents online. Access forms at any time.

GDPR Ready

Implementing tools for member data rights and holding data on same region cloud servers. GDPR compliance is a breeze.

Industry grade security

Built from the ground up to be secure. Implementing industry leading security practices. You can have peace of mind knowing your data is safe.

It's awesome!

From the moment I got started I was so impressed with the software. It's very easy to use and helps me manage all the important parts of my club. I'm very happy I signed up when I did.

Claire - Rockstar Eagles

We're here to help

Got questions? Our staff are always on hand to support you when needed. Whether that's getting set-up for the first time or walking you through an existing feature. Just reach out to our handy support team and they will be glad to assist you!

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Frequently asked questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

Is the software easy to use?

Absolutely! Both the admin side and member side of the app have been expertly designed to be easy to use and user friendly. If you have any problems our support staff will be happy to guide you through!

How much does it cost?

We offer different pricing options depending on what level of features you require. We do not charge you for transactions fees and are always pricing ourselves to be the best value club software out there. Check out our pricing tables for detailed pricing information.

What are the limits?

On our standard plan, the only limits are for email usage and SMS usage. Other than that you can have as many users, create as many classes and receive as many payments as you like.

Will it help with my accounting?

ClubAdminPro absolutely can help with your accounting. We offer a payments list page so you can see every payment ever that your club has taken via ClubAdminPro whether that's online or cash payments.

Can you help me get set up?

If you need help getting set-up our support staff are always on hand to help. Just send a message over to our support team and they will assist you with the help you need!

Is it GDPR compliant?

By default, when you use ClubAdminPro you will be well on your way to becoming GDPR compliant. With the suite of tools, features and support the software provides (such as member data access, user opt-in preferences, email notification unsubscribes, data deletion) it's simple to run your club in line with the GDPR requirements.

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